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Small Business Plan Template

Small Business Plan Template

A business plan is an important document depicting all the possible features of the company. Here is a template which would help you in drafting your own small business plan.
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The template that has been included here is just one page long. In contrast to the short version, your real business plan should, however, extend to a few pages, which would give the reader a comprehensive view about the entire business organization and its ventures. There is no specific format, and one can easily use one's independence and creativity while drafting the entire business plan. However, before you start off with drafting the plan, have a look at an example so as to get a better insight of the style of writing such a document.

Outline for a Small Business Plan
If you take a look at any small business plan sample, you will notice that it is a document that is concrete and focuses on the description of your business organization, its genesis, and its ventures. Such a document is usually read by potential investors, new employees, interview candidates, creditors, business clients, banks, potential customers, etc. Thus, in simple words, the small business plan is a focused story about the business. It is a dynamic document that should be factually correct, updated, and should be upgraded from time to time preceding all important events.

A small business plan should have the following factual data:
  • The plan document should start with an introduction of the company, the story of the business, and should contain some essential facts about the current status of the company.
  • The second aspect of the business plan is the executive summary, which tells the reader more about the business, in a formal tone with the help of business-related aspects. In short, this point covers whatever the business actually does.
  • The third part is the market. The clients and customers are defined (not named) in this section. The future projection of the business venture in this market is also defined in this section.
  • The next section is about the products and services that are offered by the business. Important specifications, nature of quality, and some other important features of the product are also described in this section.
  • The next section is a description about business marketing and sales procedures that are undertaken by the company. In this section, an integral part includes pricing, discounts, and other sales cost related facts.
  • Next comes the organization and business management structure of the company. In this section, all the key personnel and their contribution to the entire business is described. Geographical location of the offices, sales centers, and production facilities is also described in this section.
  • The finances of the company are an integral part of the company's reputation and general public trust. In this section, compliance, auditors, business financing aspects, and banking providers of the business are put forth.
Template for Drafting a Small Business Plan
In a small business plan template, some important facts that are related to the business organization have to be mentioned. Some of them have been suggested in brackets and italics.

Small Business Plan

Business Logo and Motto

Date and place of incorporation, address, and contact number

(Mention: date of commencement of business, business scale and scope in the first year, and then in the current year)

Executive Summary
(Mention: what the business is all about, who do you cater to, source of raw materials, production capacity and revenue, objectives of a business venture or project)

(Mention: consumers, potential consumers, and market projection; numbers are important)

Products and Services
(Mention: a comprehensive product list plus integrated services)

Marketing and Sales Procedures
(Mention: all sales procedures, after sales services, and other sales related features)

Organization and Management
(Mention: key people and management, plus all the locations of offices and production)

Financial Aspects
(Mention: financial compliance and the company's banks and financial institutions)

You can change this template as per your requirements and specifications. Let the entire business plan be comprehensive and complete, there is no constraint of space and the number of pages that you want to utilize.