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Test Cases for Vending Machines

Test Cases for Vending Machines

The test cases for vending machines mentioned in this article will help you know more about vending machine usage and business in general. So, continue reading to know more...
Charlie S
The vending machine business is surely interesting and is picking up in all parts of the world. Vending machines do not require the physical attendance of the owner or any other people. After inserting the money, people can get the products they want from the machine automatically.

This business is a part of the multi-billion dollar retail industry, which is growing at a very fast pace. Buying items from a vending machine is extremely convenient for people. To add to this, these machines are available on all busy streets and in shopping malls, which makes it easy for people to buy their desired products.

Starting a business of this nature is not at all difficult if you have the right kind of attitude, willingness to work hard, and a proper plan in mind. The test cases given below will also help you understand this business model in an easy way and help in starting a business.

Starting the Business
  • For starting this business, you will require capital, which is quite obvious. The initial capital need can be satisfied by tying up with a bank or financial institution for quick loans and business financing.
  • Then, you will have to decide what exactly you will be selling in these machine. Coffee, tea, chocolates, gift items, cigarettes are some options before you.
  • Searching for a good location for the vending machine is essential for getting good business.
  • Obtaining a license is necessary at most places and hence you should complete the formalities immediately.
  • Look for large clients who can give you orders in bulk as this can increase your profitability largely.
  • Always have business insurance to make up for the loses due to accidents such as fire and thefts.
  • CCTV cameras and security can help prevent any kind of damages.
Buying the Machine
  • Look for the machine which fulfills your capacity expectations.
  • Get the machine tested for performance before purchasing it.
  • Try to get a good discount for the machine.
  • Take along an engineer or some mechanic who can inspect the parts of the machine before you buy it.
  • Make sure that you are getting after sales service for the machine and note down the addresses of shops where you can get its parts easily at affordable rates for future need.
Making Purchases
  • The first thing to check in this case is whether the vending machine is operational or functional or not. If not, then you should avoid buying from that machine and look for some other machine nearby.
  • Then, the next step would be to decide which item to put and checking its availability.
  • Once you check for the price of the product, you have to insert the amount into the slot and then press the number of the product.
  • Then, your product will be delivered to you by the machine which you will be collecting along with the change money.
Filling the Machine
  • The first step is to open it and check for the availability of the stock.
  • If you notice that he stock is less, then you need to refill it.
  • Now, fill the empty slots properly and then close the door of the vending machine.
  • People must have paid you for their earlier purchases. So, open the money slot and collect your money immediately.
  • After you put some change in the slot, you need to lock it properly.
Other Test Cases
  • An item will be dispensed if you click the dispense button with sufficient amount of cash.
  • If you click the dispense button with more money than required for buying the item, then the item will be given to you along with the excess money.
  • If you click the dispense button without inserting cash at all, then obviously no item will be given and you will be suggested to insert the required amount.
  • If you enter very large number of items, greater than what the holding capacity of the vending machine has, then you will be told on the screen that the number of items being entered must be reduced.
  • If there are no items in the vending machine and you put in money, then you will not get any items and the money will be returned to you.
These test cases for vending machines must have given you a lot of important information on this type of business. The business reviews are positive and this business has been profitable for most people. So, you can start planning immediately and enter this business with a bang. All the best!