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Project Proposal Format

Don't Miss These 3 Most Impressive Project Proposal Formats

Project proposals are a piece of business writing, and hence should be precise and professional. A project proposal format is given in the article below.
Torque Earnest
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Project proposal formats are generally similar and standardized, but you can experiment with the way you present your proposal. The following paragraphs will enlighten you on the same. Examples of project proposal formats are given in this article keeping in mind the various purposes for which we might need to submit a proposal. For example, a student group, an advertising group, constructors, or builders proposing for funding and area for erecting buildings, respectively, to any business organization, government committee, or any international party too, for a particular project can use the project proposals given below in the following paragraphs.
A project proposal is very much like a letter of intent but in a descriptive manner rather than business writing. Project proposal format is a layout detailed with segregated information for, as the name suggests, business proposal or proposal for grants, funds, etc. It consists of the details of the involved groups in a project and the objectives of the project along with budget estimates and the tentative time period for completion of the same. It also includes why you want to undertake a particular project. You have to cite reasons or if not that you may mention the motive or goal behind taking up a project. In short, it is a plan of action for project management and project setup.

Format #1
Title Title of Project
Origin Organization
Beneficiaries Name of the Groups
Partners Lead Organization Leader / Planner Group
Youth Organization Implementer / Managing Groups
Other Groups Groups involved in various other areas in the project.
Target Duration Durations for implementation of different sub projects.
Budget Budget Details
Theme Enlist Details
  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3
Priority Mention the respective details.
Goal Paragraph giving the same.
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3
Activities Enlist what activities are intended after completion of the proposed project.
Action Needed What all needs to be done for initiating the project explain point wise.

Format #2
General Information
Contact Details
Focal Point
Name of Organization
Telephone Numbers
e-mail addresses
Fax Numbers
Project Summary
Project Title
Project Manager
Location of Project
Start Date End Date
Intervention Factors
Target Population
Total Project Budget
Total Funds Requested
Other Funding Sources
Contextual Problems
  • Problem 1
  • Problem 2
  • Problem 3
Paragraph 1
  • Problem 1
  • Problem 2
  • Problem 3
Paragraph 2
Project Description
Objectives and Indicators
Description 1
Expected results
Description 2
Expected results

Format #3
Title of The Project
  • Project Title
  • Project Developer
  • (Contact Details)
  • Project's Focal Person
  • Project Area
  • Project Duration
  • Project Budget
  • Total Budget
  • Partnership Fund Contributions
  • Developer Contribution
Project Objectives
Objectives Percentage
Objective 1 Percentage
Objective 2 Percentage
Objective 3 Percentage
Objective 4 Percentage
Project Details
  1. Project Area
  2. Project Beneficiaries
  3. Project Justification
  4. Goal, Objectives, Outcome
  5. Implementing Strategy
  6. Project Success & Sustainability
  7. Monitoring Mechanism

I hope this article has taught you how to write a project proposal. You can refer any of the above formats to make your own project proposal.