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Project Proposal Example

Project Proposal Example

This article gives you a project proposal template with a sample, format, and a detailed example which will give the required data for making any project proposal.
Torque Earnest
Did You Know?
A good project proposal contains milestones for the completion of the project.

A project proposal is a piece of professional business writing which, as the name suggests, is used when you have to put forth a plan for business development, business partnership, etc. The following template will give you a fair idea as to how to write a project proposal.

Project Proposal Format
Title Title of Project
Origin Organization
Beneficiaries Name of the Groups
Partners Lead Organization Leader / Planner Group
Youth Organization Implementer / Managing Groups
Other Groups Groups involved in various other areas in the project.
Target Duration Duration for implementation of different sub projects.
Budget Budget Details
Theme Enlist Details
  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3
Priority Mention the respective details.
Goal Paragraph giving the same.
  • Objective 1
  • Objective 2
  • Objective 3
Activities Enlist what activities are intended after completion of the proposed project.
Action Needed What all needs to be done for initiating the project explain point wise.

Sample Project Proposal
International Eye Bank
Project Developer

Torque Earnest
123 Pacific Ocean Apts.
82 God Forbidden Street,
Contact No.- 1313-121-1985
Project Partner 1

789 Ozone Villa,
15 Hell Scream St.,
Contact No.- 1515-003-1990
Project Partner 2

Neon Rachel
456 Atlantic Heights,
83 Heaven Street,
Contact No.- 8080-001-1982
Project Area and Duration

Virgin Islands
Near Heaven Boulevard

One Year (1 Year)
Project Budget

Total Budget: USD 40,000,000
Developer Contribution: USD 10,000,000
Partner Contribution 1: USD 5,000,000
Partner Contribution 2: USD 5,000,000
Objectives Percentage
Storing Refrigerators 70%
Erecting Building 20%
Electricity 10%
Project Details

Project Beneficiaries
Foreigners as well as locals.

This project has to be done for facilitating emergency eye donations and a one-stop centralized eye bank wherein a person has freedom to choose whom he wishes to donate and likewise whom he wants to accept one. This is an altogether new concept which will turn out to be beneficial as there are many foreign inhabitants in the said project area.

As mentioned earlier, to facilitate eye donors and provide standardized international technology based center for the same.

Implementing Strategy
This section should be used for mentioning the strategies you have planned for the project which might include the exact location of the chosen area and the reasons behind doing so, strategies used for getting clients, getting affiliations for increased profit margins, business marketing, etc.

Success & Sustainability
This subhead means the long term planning that you have done for giving enough of scope for the sustainability of the project which will convince the party you have gone to for getting your funds for completion of the project.

Monitoring Mechanism
Monitoring the functioning of not only the eye bank but all the related things like the electricity connection, the hygiene system, waste disposal, security systems, canteen for the employees, etc.

So this was a sample based on the project proposal format given above in this article. Hope it will help you in writing a project proposal in a better way.