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Communication Barriers in Business

Overcoming the communication barriers in business communication is of prime importance to make sure smooth functioning of the organization. In this article, we shall acquaint ourselves with the different communication issues in business. So, continue reading to know more...
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Effective business communication or workplace communication is a necessity in this competitive corporate world. A good dialog among the employees can alone make sure the success of quick and proper learning process. With good communication, team members will be able to take right decisions in favor of the company and increase its profitability considerably. However, knowledge of the communication barriers in business is a must for human resource professionals so that they can invent advanced techniques to deal with this issue. Given below are some of the commonly observed communication problems in business.
Difference in Way of Thinking
The process of communication is not just speaking by understanding what the other person exactly means. This process is not complete unless the opposite person comes to know the exact meaning of the terminologies used by the speaker. Sometimes, way of thinking of two people working in the same organization can be entirely different. This difference in perception of things can cause delays or problems in the communication process.
Lack of Interest
Lack of interest on the part of the listener can also be one of the serious barriers in communication. The process of business communication can be complete only if the listener is as enthusiastic in the conversation as the speaker. Lack of interest will result in not understanding concepts and this will cause further problems while working actually. However good the speaker is, he will not be able to help at all if the listener is just not interested in listening to him carefully.
Less Grasping Power
The communication differences in business can also exist because of less grasping power of the listener. If the listener does not have good listening skills and basic knowledge on the subject of discussion, then completing the communication process becomes extremely difficult and time-consuming. So, increasing the grasping power by extensive research on the concerned topics can be a solution for overcoming communication barriers like this.
Improper Way of Speaking or Explaining
Improper way of speaking or explaining on the part of the speaker can be one of the barriers to communication. Some speakers have the ability of taking things for granted and they assume very early that the listener knows a lot on the subject. Some speakers are impatient and restless and they get frustrated immediately when the other person fails to understand things fast. Wrong attitude of the speaker is one of the communication barriers in different types of organizational settings. Arrogant behavior of the speaker can be really frustrating for the listeners.
Language Problems
Lack of knowledge of language can also be one of the biggest communication barriers in the workplace. This can happen mostly in the multi-national companies where people of different countries, nationalities and different mother tongue work together. Lack of knowledge of a particular language can surely be a deterrent, however, effective management by the senior managers can help to deal with this problem.
Cultural Barriers
Cultural barriers which can be there when people belonging to different cultures work together can be one of the communication barriers. At times, people may find it difficult or feel hesitant to communicate freely with people belonging to other cultures and castes. Having cultural diversity in the workplace can help greatly in dealing with this kind of problems. HR managers should take lead and come up with creative solutions for such complex issues.
It is essential that all employees understand the importance of communication in the workplace to make this entire process very easy. All problems in the workplace can be solved by effective and systematic communication.
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