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How to Draft a Janitorial Services Contract

How to Draft a Janitorial Services Contract

Signing a janitorial services contract has become mandatory for every big corporation to keep their office and vicinity clean. This article will share some insights on the same, and help you draft a foolproof contract.
Geeta Dhavale
In many states, it is mandatory for the employer to provide the employees with a hygienic environment at the workplace. But, keeping a big office clean 24x7 is definitely a challenging task, and to meet this requirement, many companies resort to professional janitorial service providers. These are generally hired on a contract basis. With the increasing awareness about cleanliness at the workplace, janitorial services are in high demand today. The service provider generally makes the contract and sends it to clients to sign, if they agree with the terms and conditions. But, this services contract has to be drafted well, so that the company does not face financial losses.

Things to Consider
There are a few important things to consider as a office cleaning service provider before drafting a contract.

Cost of Labor: You need to consider the labor cost, as they are the people who will do the actual job, and you must have a separate salary budget for all of them. You must also consider their insurance and other financial plans.

Equipment and Supplies: You also have to mention about cleaning products, equipment, and tools that you would use on the job. You need to mention whether you will buy these supplies or hire on rent, and how much it costs.

Services Provided: Mention all the services that you will provide, and also consider the tax on these services, if applicable. Calculate the price, energy, labor, and time each service would consume.

Transportation Fees: Also mention the transportation fees you would charge. Before that, you have to decide if your staff needs any transport or they can manage on their own.

Safety and Security of the Staff: You also have to design a safety plan for your staff, which certainly needs finance, so make sure you consider that.

Advertising Cost: If you have to spend any money on advertising and business expenses that you paid to obtain this client, then add them to your total cost.

Calculate the expenses for all the above things, that will give you a total of the expenditure you would incur. After this, you can mention how much janitorial services cost. The above factors ensure that you draft a plan that covers all your expenses, and still leaves you with a significant amount of profit. You must discuss your contract, cum proposal, with your client in person, for further negotiation. You may have to make certain changes as per the unique requirements of a client.

Sample Contract
Here is a contract template that you can refer to, and personalize one for yourself as per your needs and requirements.

Name of Your Company:
Contact Details:

Introduction: In this section you must provide the client with brief background of your company. You can also mention the mission, vision, and aim of your company.

Services Provided: For example, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, vacuuming, trash removing and recycling, dusting, snow removing, parking lot cleaning etc.

Frequency of the Services: For example, Parking lot cleaning - Once everyday, Snow removing - Twice a Week, etc.

Duty Timings: You must mention the working hours of each individual staff member.

Staff Members: You have to mention the name and designation of each and every staff member that will be on the job.

Equipment You Would Use: Mention all the tools that you would use for each task. For example, vacuum cleaner for carpet cleaning and, buffers and burnishers for floor cleaning etc.

Work Plan: Describe your entire work plan and the way you would deliver it. Explain each detail of your work plan so that a client can judge if it suits his company.

Pricing: This is one of the most important part of the contract. Offer a price that is profitable for you, as well as your client.

Miscellaneous Details: Mention other obligations, limitation, or requirements, etc, if any.

Effective Date and Signatures:

Once you draft the proposal/contract, carefully revise it a few times to check for loopholes. A well-designed and wholesome service contract is sure to fetch you many clients.