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Internet Briefcase Review

You Might Want to Take a Look at These Internet Briefcase Reviews

Internet briefcase presents an online money-making opportunity. The article below provides an internet briefcase review so that its perception of being a scam may be dismissed.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Internet has offered a myriad opportunities for marketing your product. The clever minds know how to harness the ample potential of internet and deploy it for various marketing techniques. However, there are some nefarious people who have exploited the web to run many internet scams and rob innocent people of their money. Most of them run some kind of multi-level marketing (MLM) companies.
Thus, common people have become wary of such enterprises. Obviously, every emerging internet marketing company is now looked with suspicion and often labeled as scam, even before honest reviews start circulating. Internet briefcase is one such company that has undergone strict scrutiny due to the various scam rumors flying around. The paragraphs below delve deeper into this matter.
An Introduction
  • Internet Briefcase is a brainchild of an eminent marketing guru named Jay Kubassek. Jay has a great deal of knowledge regarding how the internet business works and the myriad ways of making money online.
  • He has been around ever since work from home concept was still in its infancy. Being one of the pioneers in Internet marketing, Jay quickly earned a fortune through this business. He came up with an idea of letting others replicate his success.
  • This led to the formation of an Internet business company named Carbon Copy. Jay built a team of professionals who had copied his success mantra through Carbon Copy.
  • Next came the Carbon Copy Pro, the second version. Carbon Copy and Carbon Copy Pro are both the funnel systems of a bigger company Wealth Masters International (WMI).
  • Internet briefcase is a marketing arm of Carbon Copy. It is basically a package that includes everything you need to know about running Carbon Copy or Carbon Copy Pro.
  • Right from how to join the company, to how to find business prospects, it covers everything. It also lists the various marketing means of Carbon Copy and Carbon Copy Pro, which are accessible to you if you achieve a certain level.
  • Thus, Internet briefcase is an all-inclusive package that allows you to replicate the success of Jay and his team.
Is It a Scam?
  • To answer this question, we will have to go into the details of the working of Internet briefcase.
  • When you buy Internet briefcase, you can begin your advertising campaigns. You can either advertise on radio, offline or by implementing the various marketing tools recommended by Carbon Copy Pro.
  • At the next level, you are introduced to the business networking model of Carbon Copy and Carbon Copy Pro.
  • You will hear a lot of success stories about Jay and his team who made big bucks in this business. The process is more or less the same for every recruit.
  • This could be your opportunity to withdraw, if you are not convinced with their plan. If you decide to move to the next level, you will be required to fill out an application form. This will make you eligible to access Jay's advance marketing module, which includes marketing calls, conference calls, call center, training, etc.
  • Thus, you can start recruiting other people and create your own downline.
  • This eventually paves way for a greater business opportunity in the form of Wealth Masters International (WMI). It is at this point you will be witness to some MLM secrets and serious money making opportunities.
  • The compensation plan of Internet briefcase is a bit expensive for a new recruit.
  • When you pay USD 50 towards application fees, your representative makes USD 30 out of it. Even if you quit at this stage, your representative still ends up making a profit of USD 30.
  • If you choose to continue, you will have to shell out USD 395 as membership fee, out of which USD 50 - USD 200 go to your representative.
  • In hindsight, this might seem as a good compensation plan at an initial investment of USD 395, since you have a prospect of earning up to USD 10000 once you reach that top WMI level.
  • However, one must not forget the admin fee of USD 150, that every member has to pay every month, irrespective of how they are doing in their business.
To succeed in this kind of venture, you have to have a flair for internet marketing. Your earnings in this field are directly proportional to the efforts you put in. The more you get yourself involved in it, the more you and your affiliates are likely to succeed. Impeccable marketing skills are required to climb the ladder of success.
Thus, Internet briefcase may or may not be a real scam. It has indeed solved the financial woes of many people and helped others to build some serious wealth. However, this venture comes with certain risks, hence conduct fair amount of research before enrolling for such a program. Also, look out for other programs that offer better returns at much less initial investment. Success would actually depend upon your individual talent and money making ideas that you implement. Hence, execute a fair amount of caution before venturing in this field.