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Mission Statement Template

Fret Not, Here's an Approved Template to Write a Mission Statement

A mission statement is viewed to be a positive assertion of what one wished to achieve in his life. In this article, we will get to know more about this topic and will also take a look at a sample template.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
A mission statement gives a person or an organization guidance to what his goals are and lays down the path to achieve them. Several management experts have tried to define it in lengthy-worded definitions. But the crux of the thing is pretty easy to spot. A vision is where you wish to see yourself in a few years while the mission is how exactly you see yourself going about achieving your vision. It is also an important exercise in corporate branding and corporate leadership.

Mission statements come in all types: personal, charity, and these days, even the family mission statement. The idea behind them all is the same that the people do not lose sight of their goals which they wish to achieve in life. So, if you're having trouble making one, here's some help in a question and answer format.

Why Do You Exist?
Touches a bit on the philosophical side here, but this is the cornerstone of your mission statement. This question ought to be answered in one line and you should really throw in words like 'customer service' and 'excellence' to make the thing look stronger.

Who is the Beneficiary?
Apart from yourself, who is it that you intend to serve? Who are your customers or your stakeholders? Calling customers your 'partners' is a new trend which is really catching on and something which your customers like to hear as well, so you could incorporate that.

What Do You Do?
A very basic question which tries to hit a chord at the very operational level. The first question talks about the overall purpose of the company, while this one focuses at the micro-level production activity. Here you could include 'innovation in everyday processes' or something to the effect that you are unwilling to stagnate and the top leadership and management are ready to make big changes when it is necessary.

What is Your Desired Result?
So while you are in this activity and are serving those people by doing these things, surely there is something you wish to see happening at the end of the whole thing. Perhaps a change in the way things are done in the industry, perhaps good customer service, perhaps excellence in your field of work or may be a tidy profit. The first three options mentioned here are your best ones and the last one is only for comic relief and should not at all be a part of your mission statement!

Our mission is to ________________________ (product/service promise)

for ______________________ (customers)

by ______________________ (processes)

keeping in mind ____________________ (the result)

It is agreed that you need to be formal and concise about your mission statement. But you also need to show the passion and desire that you possess, to inspire the others to work with you to excel. Good luck!