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How to Host a Designer Purse Party

How to Host a Designer Purse Party

If you have never heard of the term 'designer purse party', then you should consider reading the following article as it talks about this gala event in great depth. It talks about what happens here, what are you expected to do, and how you can mint money just by sitting at home.
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Some of you may consider the name of the event too literal to translate it into its true meaning. However, this function is exactly what the name suggests. It is hosted to showcase designer purses, handbags, and wallets with the purpose of making some good money. It is a great business idea for women, especially mothers, who are compelled to work from home, or those who simply want to enjoy the luxury of making some big bucks without having to go out of their home.

How to Host a Designer Purse Party

Hosting a purse party is one of the most interesting ways to make money, because you don't have to sell fixed merchandise by referring to a catalog. Instead, you can take your pick of what constitutes one of the best collection of high-end purses and handbags and sell a new set of variety each time. This is why it is one of the most lucrative home-based business opportunities for women.

Getting Hold of the Merchandise

The concept of this gala event lies in getting hold of high-end merchandise at wholesale rates, and then showcasing them for women who are interested in such bags. The idea is to sell them at a price to obtain a suitable profit margin. The reason why women will flock to your party is because even though you are trying to attain a profit margin, the rates you offer will be much cheaper than those offered by designer stores. Now, where will you find these handbags? You may look for them online on websites, such as eBay where you will get them at highly subsidized rates. Apart from this, you will have to make an effort to look for wholesale dealers in the business in order to get a good rate. Now, you don't want to purchase a huge amount and be left with a dead stock. Therefore, to start off with, purchasing about 10 handbags is a good idea. You may also include some fashionabe wallets if you wish to.

Another method of getting into the business is by taking the help of designer purse party consultants. These people not only explain the nitty-gritty of the business, but also get you the appropriate merchandise. If you look online, you will find a lot of purse party companies that will guide you through the entire process after taking a small membership amount.

There are some purse parties that do not showcase premium bags. Out here, they just put some unique bags on display. Also, a lot of people engage in selling excellent copies of high-end handbags. This is not illegal as long as your customers are aware of what they are purchasing. Since you don't provide any guarantee regarding the bags, informing them about the quality of the bag becomes essential.

Sending Out the Invitations

Planning on sending appropriate invitations is important so that people know that such an event is being held. You will have to start by sending out invitations to the women you know and perhaps ask them to bring a friend along. This will help you expand your customer base. You may also send out electronic invitations. The effectiveness of this theory is not completely validated, but it has been found that the more attractive your invitations are, the greater is the attendance at your purse party. You can also send invitations on your social networking sites. Decide the number of people you want to invite before you resort to these measures, as you don't want an attendance that outdoes the number of bags you have on sale.

Conducting the Event

Those who are new to the business usually start by hosting the function at their home. Remember, the prime purpose of the event is to sell bags. As such, everything else should not steal the focus from the main idea. Try keeping the party food light. You may serve wine while the ladies chit chat and discuss regarding their tastes and choices. Set up an attractive display so that women are enticed by the bags and compelled to purchase them. You may also have some bag related activities. A common idea, suggested by most purse party consultants, is to host a fashion show where every woman carries a bag of her choice. This helps them in receiving reviews from other guests regarding how the bag looks and the way it should be carried. Another great idea is to have a trivia quiz about the creator of the bag, and the winner can be given a free wallet with the bag she has purchased.

Starting off and setting base in this business is a little time-consuming. First you have to get hold of the merchandise at discounted rates and then spread the word amongst friends to intimate them about your enterprise. Once you gain a strong foothold, there is no way you will not be able to make money from this business. It is a 'luxurious' home-based business idea for women who are immensely passionate about bags and purses. Good luck!