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Needs Analysis Template

Please Take Note of This Excellent Needs Analysis Template

Need analysis is one of the important business processes. This article provides you with a needs analysis template that would help you identify the gaps between expected and current performance.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Feb 14, 2018
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Need analysis is one of the simplest business processes to understand. Many companies, institutions, and organizations go for a need assessment when they feel the need to improve the current performance of the company or when they do not get the desired results from particular business process. It is the process of collecting information about gaps between desired status and current status of the company and finding out the ways to fill that gap. The gap generally refers to performance that does not meet the expected standards. Need assessment process helps the organization channelize its assets and resources in the right path that leads to overall business development.

Contents of Business Needs Analysis Template

Most of the organizations conduct needs analysis for assessment of the business training programs. There is no fixed structure of this template as many companies have their own personalized versions of the same. In fact, many companies conduct need analysis process under different names, but there are certain factors that remain the same when it comes to need analysis document. Given below is a training template that will introduce you to the primary and essential contents of need analysis:

Needs Analysis

Background of the Company

Every needs assessment template consists of a brief introduction that includes the background of the company. When you start, it is important that you provide readers with brief information about the company, including its mission, vision, aims, and objectives.

Desired Result

In this section you must mention about the desired result of a particular business process. You have to write about all the expected outcomes with details. For example, if you are trying to analyze training needs, then mention what you want to achieve from the training or what is the ultimate goal of the training.

Current Performance

Here, you have to talk about the current performance of the business or employees. Continuing with the same example, you need to mention about what has been achieved by the training till now or how effective has been the training till now, etc.

Addressing the Deficiency

Now, you have to address the deficiencies that needs to be filled up. You must mention the gap in details, such as, where is the problem, what is lacking and why, since when the performance has gone down, how it has affected the overall business or a particular business process, etc.


Only addressing the deficiencies is not enough, you must also come up with probable solutions for it. You have to mention all the solid solutions in this section. You have to mention the scope of the new solutions and how did you derive them.


At this stage, you need to write about how you are planning to execute the new changes as solutions in the business plan. You also have to write about the assessment of the progress that will happen after implementation. It is also advisable to write about the follow-up process when it comes to completing the template.

You can customize the above template as per your distinguished needs and use different contents under different names as per the nomenclature of your company. There are many ways and techniques to conduct needs analysis in an organization. Some of the most popular techniques are direct observation, questionnaires, literature review, group discussions, interviews, study of work samples, and study of records and reports. It gives you a clear idea about the deficiencies in the performance and also provides you with hints on possible solutions. It helps you design a sound and efficient analysis template that can help you improve the business performance.