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Yarn Swift

Yarn Swift

To wind a yarn without a yarn swift is just next to impossible. You may ask how tough is the process of winding of a ball of yarn when a swift isn't at hand, and the response would be; it tests your patience! Read more into this article to find out reviews on this tool, and how to make one at home.
Fatima Rangwala
If you are earnestly running a commercial business, every knitting kit in your occupation is totally incomplete without a yarn swift. This tool is nothing but a skein of yarn that fine-tunes into a cone or a ball of yarn and vice versa. The swift with the yarn plays all the tricks and easy crafts. It very quickly winds the skein of yarn into an advanced thread loop. In short, the winding of the ball gets easier having a swift around. Swift is a great platform for balling and winding off hanks of yarn in your line of work. The structure is such that it expands just like your rain umbrella when rendered for use. The umbrella section holds up the loop of a yarn around the wheel, looking in shape. As the wheel spins, the yarn gets wound around them.

A Brief Look at a Yarn Swift

This tool is mostly made of finely finished birch wood, which helps to support skeins of yarn concurring a legion of sizes. A normal medium swift size is known to hold a 60'' peripheral skein. Some other types are made of plastic and metal which really holds on pounds of skeins and measures 60'' in its periphery. Some tools also have the capacity of holding up to 3 different yarns of ball wool winders onto the machine. If the make of the machine is clean and rich, they wouldn't sound harsh. In fact, it would have a soft whirring sound while you turn the wheel.

This tool is basically used to cater neat and definite knitting stitches. Many people who are new to the field of knitting or already have a prior long-term experience still manage to produce horrifying knit stitches when they knit and purl. This just shows that they do not have the hang to subdue the knitting techniques and surmount their boring, complicated knitting failures. For such soles, this tool is like a life-saver to their inexorable passion for knitting. But purchasing one, might go a bit overboard for your budget. Now I bet you thought of making a homemade one, the moment you heard me slipping out to you the password called 'overboard'! Well, I was prepared for that. Take a look at how to build this tool on your own.

How to Make a Yarn Swift at Home

Required Materials
  • Saw
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • 1'' by 1'' Popular Board
  • Wood Glue
  • Lazy Susan
  • Dowel Rods

Step 1: Keep a 6-feet popular board measuring 1'' by 1'' and cut it in half. Now you have two pieces (each 3-feet long). Take one board and cut a notch out of the center measuring 1'' wide and ¾'' deep. Use the same to place it, one board over the other. Drill a firm hole and screw both the boards together.

Step 2: In this step, drill holes on top of the dowels to the measured width. Drill them starting 3'' measuring from the outside edges and shifting 1½'' inside. Ensure that the holes you drill are approximately ½'' deep and evenly spaced throughout the ends of both the boards.

Step 3: Now utilize the wood glue to fasten the lower board onto a Lazy Susan. Leave it for drying. Make very sure that your board's centered cross comes over the center of the Lazy Susan. Why so? This is because, each center is going to form the base of your board.

Step 4: Now chop out 4 dowel rods each measuring 6'' in length. Insert them into the holes of the wooden planks. Do this job very carefully. Each rod should be equivalent to every hole in the board. That's what is going to hold the yarn in its place.

Step 5: This eventually is the final step of the method. Just take a skein of yarn and wrap it around the swift dowels. Pull the working end of the skein and fix a ball winder at the time of action.

With these 5 simple and easy steps, do you realize you have successfully completed your homemade task? Now you can freely and restfully complete all your knitting work and create lovely designs and patterns in this line of work. Moreover, you would be spending in dollars to get this simple job done. Isn't it exciting? Well, this is definitely one alternative for all those who really don't want to spend money on purchasing a pricey one and not using it to your maximum capacity. Moreover, this method is advisable for the people who have a settling hand in the field of knitting. Perhaps, switching our attention from budding beginners to seasoned pros, here are a few reviews for you to take a look at. The next time you sit for online shopping, you already know what to shop for!

  • New Wooden Swift Yarn Winder Medium: It's a medium-sized one and can hold up to 6'' curve of skein. It's made of finely finished birch wood. ~ Price: $49.99
  • Heavy-duty Yarn Swift: As the name suggests, it's a heavy-duty swift with fully adjustable yarn guides and non-marring brake arrangements. This tool totally justifies its name; it has two 31'' arms of aluminum, an optional floor mount stand and an optional motor drive system. Also, the woodwork construction measures up to 5/8'' in diameter. ~ Price: $348.88
  • Lacis Swift Yarn Winder: It weighs up to 2.1 pounds and has a 14'' spoke model for skein purpose. The skeins hold up to 60'' on the machine. ~ Price: $44.94
  • Lacis Umbrella Yarn Swift Wooden Large 1 pc: This is made of finely finished birch wood. This is quite a supporter for a host of skein sizes in terms of balling and winding off hanks of yarn. Made of table clamp and twisted screws, the wheel spins very freely as you wind the skeins in the yarn ball winder. It has a 66'' circumference. ~ Price: $67.99
  • Knitting Yarn Swift: This is an Italian make, made from grown beech hardwood material. This material is known to last lifelong in terms of service. You can clamp onto the table and start with the work by easily placing the umbrella in the downward direction. The opening and closing of the umbrella motion is quite a handy gesture. It measures 68'' in circumference and is 26'' tall when its open. ~ Price: $64.99
Whether you have got fed up paying heaps of money to settle with a good piece or you simply desire to put your skills of reading and working to use - the end result is getting one that lays off your knitting goof ups!