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Proper Business Letter Format

Proper Business Letter Format

Business letters can be extremely difficult to write due to the fact that the tone and language of the letter needs to be exceptionally clear and courteous. Here, a proper business letter format is provided which will help you draft one for yourself.
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Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
Business letters are exceptionally difficult to write as they also reflect the image of the business organization and hence, must sound apt. Thus, the best way to write such letters is to maintain a proper format. A business letter can be classified according to its nature, such as a reference letter, or a debt settlement letter.

Characteristics of a Business Letter
The following are some of the important characteristics of a business letter.
  • Any business letter must be short. The person reading the letter must understand the significance of the letter in the minimum possible lines. This is usually done to save time and energy of the receiver.
  • The tone of the letter is another very important aspect of the letter. The letter must sound polite, courteous, and firm. The letter should also sound convincing.
  • Factually, the business letter must be accurate, and the facts and thoughts should be presented in a very systematic manner.
Proper Format for a Business Letter
The following is a small sample of a letter that presents the proper format for business letter.

Your Name
Name of Your Organization
Address of the Organization
Your Contact Number

Ref: Letter of Quotation

Dear Sir:

This letter is in reference to the letter of inquiry that our organization received from you on date. A catalog that quotes the prices of our automotive components has been attached.

The references that you have provided proved to be highly reliable and we received several very good responses to our inquiries. Your bankers have also officially made statements regarding the credit-ability of your organization. The sales executives and the finance department has thus permitted a period of credit of 4 months free of interest, post which you will be charged with a 2% rate of interest. In cases where you would avail the credit facility, we would not allow you any trade discount. In case of bulk purchases, a calculated trade discount would be allowed.

We look forward to a very healthy and long-lasting business relationship with you.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully,
Your name and designation
Signature and Seal

You will notice that the letter is very short and to the point. The first paragraph of the letter consists of the past references. The next paragraph is the factual paragraph where the actual content of the letter has been provided for. In the last paragraph, a small professional letter closing and a thanking note has been included. In some letters the initial salutation begins with the name of the person to whom the letter has been addressed to or the addressee. Giving the appropriate reference is also very important because it refreshes the memory of the reader and the context of the letter is better understood.

A letter written in a proper business format is bound to create a lasting impression on the reader. In fact, sales departments actually utilize such a format to build goodwill and reputation. This kind of communication also tends to develop lasting business relationships.