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Market America Reviews

All-inclusive Information Regarding the Market America Reviews

The internet is flooded with various reviews about Market America that leaves customers in a state of confusion about the legitimacy of this business idea.
Kundan Pandey
The unprecedented growth of the internet in the past decade has led to tremendous scope of business opportunities. The world has transformed into a global village and "networking" has become a buzzword in the business arena. Hundreds of thousands of different home-based business opportunities have mushroomed in the cyberspace.
Nevertheless, the pace of economic growth on the internet has paralleled with that of internet scams (pun intended). With network marketing defining the rules of online business, questions about the legitimacy of a product or a business idea have become grave. Without proper reviews of a product, it's difficult to judge if the business is a scam or is legitimate.
Honest Market America Reviews
A critical analysis of various reviews available on the Internet will help you to know that it's almost impossible to give any verdict to such Internet business plans, as there are always two facets associated with them, one positive and the other negative.
About the Company
Let's trace the origins of this firm. Founded by James Ridinger in 1992, Market America is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America claims itself to be a network marketing company and its founder James Ridinger has previously worked as a distributor for Amway.
This firm doesn't have their own Market America products. They promote and market products of a third company. Market America, through market research, identifies products that are in demand and then they enlist manufacturers to produce those products. Market America specializes in marketing diverse range of products that include everything from beauty, healthcare to nutrition. They've also been associated with stock brokerage products selling and other businesses.
Business Model
Market America is basically a chain networking company that works on the principles of multi-level marketing (MLM). To avail commission in this firm, you've to first join as an unfranchise owner, and then you've to keep on adding new members.
The chain goes on and the people at the top of the hierarchy earn more. As a member, you're supposed to buy products worth at least 200BV (say) per month. Now, BV is nearly 80% of every dollar spent. BV is just used a technical term for transactions. Thus, products that are worth USD 200 equal to 160 BV. Similarly, every month you're supposed to purchase products between 50BV to 150BV.
Likewise, as you go on adding unfranchise members, slowly and steadily you're able to gather point and eventually, you get paychecks depending on points earned.
Is Market America Scam?
On the whole, reviews definitely don't project Market America as a fraud firm. Their business plans are believed to have no legal issues. Nonetheless, there are some negative points that disturb customers and compel them to think if this is a scam. Following are those points:
  • People have reportedly complained about too much socialization and that too often without need, just for the need of business promotion. Many people have complained that relatives and friends often feel burdened, if they have to reject the request to join this business. This is definitely against the growth of this business model, and so it can saturate after some time.
  • People who're not too much into socialization, may end up failing in this business.
  • Every month, one has to buy products worth some BV. In case, an individual fails to sell them, he may end up losing money.
  • After friends and relatives, people find it not very easy to approach to others and the business halts.
  • Many have complained that people at top are only able to make money.
Basically, the bottom line is that people are unable to make money in this business because of poor knowledge about this business. Understanding principles of MLM secrets and MLM is important to succeed in this business. Without that, an individual may crib that an internet business is a scam, in case he fails to make money.