Business Plan Template

There are several occasions where a person will have to use a business plan, which is basically a presentation of the business model of the company. Here, we have provided a business plan sample which will help you to draft one for yourself.
There are several situations when a business plan is needed. New employees, banks, lenders, creditors, and in general, people who hold a certain interests in a company have a look at the business plan before even dealing with the company. On the whole, a business plan plays a highly instrumental role in giving an appropriate insight to the company's structure and operations. An annual report however, must not be mistaken for a business plan. The annual report principally consists of statutory disclosures of the company, and is concentrated around the performance of the company. A business plan is not necessarily prepared to scope that entire organization. In some cases, it is also prepared to depict the graph of a single product or initiative.

In order to make the business plan more comprehensible, every element has been described in short here.

Executive Summary
The executive summary is an index cum introduction to the entire business plan. The summary must basically contain two different elements―the name of the company/business organization, and its premises and incorporation details. Apart from these, major key players of the business must also be mentioned. Some companies also quickly summarize their operations, objectives, and specialties. An accompanying company motto also adds to the charm. This is basically an index of the document, and enables the reader to skip whatever he already knows.

Business Description
The business description is an in-depth explanation to the company's operations and different objectives that are to be achieved in the course of the business. If the company is a major market player in some specific product, then the business history and timeline of development is also included. So basically, what is written on this page includes what the company does, in what time it does it, and in what manner it does it.

The third aspect is the market within which the company operates. The company's major customers, their demands, requirements, and competitors are discussed. Apart from that, the major behavior of the market from the point of view of global supply and annual demand are elaborated upon. Often, the marketing policy that is going to be followed is also mentioned.

Products and Services
The products and services of the company, their quality, and their reputation are to be mentioned. The pricing policy of such products is also to be mentioned. The logic behind such a pricing can also be included in the financial aspects of the plan.

Organization and Management
The next aspect is the management of the company, key people, code of conduct, departments, and wings. This aspect is to be covered very carefully if the plan is being used to brief job applicants.

The following is a brief business plan template that you can use as per your specifications.

Company's Name
Executive Summary

Business Description

Year of Foundation:

Current Activities:
Current Activities/ Projects
Summary of the Goal


Current Market Description

Proposed Market Description

Market Research

Financial Specifications

Products and Services

General Product Description

Technical Description

Production Description

Financial Specifications

Organization/ Management

Organizational Structure

Key Personnel



Concluding Remarks

You may also add some more factors to this according to the requirements and specifications of your company. Business writing that is viewed by the outside world is important, and is basically a depiction of the company's business plan outline, hence making it impressive is very important.