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How to Start a Moving Company

How to Start a Moving Company

A moving company is one business which remains unaffected by the economic turmoil, as recession or no recession, people will need to move houses! So, if you are planning to start such a business, here are some tips, which will certainly help you out...
Aastha Dogra
Having your own business has many benefits. You have all the freedom in the world to take up assignments when you want and on top of that, you get to keep the entire profits too! A moving company is one such business, which if run efficiently, can prove to be very lucrative. For starting a moving company, you would need to do a number of things, such as arrange for finances, develop a good business plan, get the permits, etc. The tips given below, further throw light on what you need to do, to get this business started.

How to Start a Moving Company Business

Licenses and Permits
To start your own moving company business, the first thing that you would need is the permits and licenses to operate. So, check with the required state government agencies what all licenses you require and then start applying for the same. Although there are many moving companies who offer cheap services to their clients and do not have the required permits, if you are serious about your business, want to see it grow in the future, and be considered a professional player in the industry, see to it that you have all the licenses and permits.

Any client, whether a household or a business, would want to hire a moving company which it finds reliable. So, if you can provide your clients with a good amount of insurance coverage for any possible damages to their valuables, it will lend credibility to your business. Thus, along with the permits, get a good insurance policy as well.

Although training in this profession is not a prerequisite, if you get trained in the appropriate ways to pack and upload goods, it will make you efficient and thus, you can expect to get much more clients because of your quality work.

You need to invest in quality moving equipment. For starters, you would need a vehicle, either a truck or a van, fitted with all the moving gear which are needed to store and upload household goods. Besides this, you would need to invest in materials and equipment that are required to pack and keep the household goods safe, such as packing blankets, ropes, ties, etc. Once your business grows, you may need to invest in more than one vehicle.

Hire your staff carefully. The personnel that you hire should be physically strong and extremely dedicated. Initially, when you still don't have many clients, you can do with one or two employees. Afterward, as and when your business grows, you can hire a few more personnel, so that you can run the operation smoothly.

Before deciding on the rates that you are going to charge, you would need to do some research on what the other movers are charging. So, call up a few of them and take quotes and estimates of cost for all the facilities they provide. If you can get hold of a few contracts that these moving companies sign with their clients, it will give you an even better idea of how to charge your own customers. A useful tip here to be successful in this business is to charge a little lesser than what others are charging or provide additional services at the same rate. This will help you in getting the initial clients.

Initially, you can spread the word around amongst your friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances about the business that you have just started. If you are willing to take up small assignments, get in touch with furniture stores and take up assignments such as delivering furniture pieces to their clients. If you are planning the business on a large scale, there are some websites on the Internet on which you can advertise your business for free, so you too can promote your moving company on such websites. You can also get some fliers printed and have them delivered amongst the customers you are trying to target.

Once you get the clients, ensure that you provide them quality service. Be punctual, quick, careful and efficient in your service. This way, you will get lots of referrals, which can translate into huge business profits for you!
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