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Customer Appreciation Letters

Customer Appreciation Letters

Customer appreciation letters are a formal way of expressing gratitude to the most important entity of the business, i.e., the customers.This article will highlight the basic tips and methodology to write customer appreciation letters.
Kundan Pandey
The need for being appreciated is a genuine human desire. Every one of us wants to be appreciated for our works. A sincere thanks with a charming smile is the first step in breaking the barriers of communication between two people. When appreciation letters are written for personal work, the emotions and feelings invested in them, express the gratitude for the person.

Letters of appreciation are crucial, when it comes to business and marketing. The bridge to the heart of a customer is constructed on the strong platforms of letters of appreciation from customers. Companies create goodwill not by just sitting and calculating their profits at the end of the fiscal year, but they take pride in thanking their customers, who have created a cult and legacy for their products! Letter Writing is an art and it needs a careful planning. Customer appreciation letters strengthen the bonds between the customer and the service provider and improves business relationships.

Letters Of Appreciation for the Customer
There are certain important points that are necessary to be considered while writing a customer appreciation letter. Some of these important points have been mentioned below:

Correct Facts and Honesty
Often it happens that a small mistake in the address of the customer's residence, debars him from getting a sincere thanks from the company. Since the sales and marketing departments have to strive hard in scrutinizing the eligible customers for the benefits of the thank you note, a small discrepancy can spoil the whole play, so the rule is to double check the address and name of the customer.

Be frank, professional and honest. Convey your gratitude that sounds to be based on logical premises and not just to woo the customers. Remember, you are not aiming to sell your products or advertise it. Instead, you are expressing a formal thanks to your special customers, so mention all about your growth rates and the way your firm is excelling day by day. Use a business letterhead paper to write the appreciation letter. You can also use an e-mail to send the appreciation letter.

Make The Customer Feel Special
It's a fact that the customers, who are going to get the appreciation letters are the most important assets of your business. They know the value, quality and worth of your product and so they take pride in picking products of your firm, every time they visit the local store. So make sure that you don't overdo anything. Keep the letter simple. Mention how the valuable contribution of the customer has helped your firm achieve new heights. Offer the customers some extra perks, shopping discounts and gift them something as a token of your gratitude. Keep special discounts and substantial shopping packages for such customers. They would love the special treatment. Don't be flowery, as it will make you appear fake in the eyes of the customer.

Bonding with Customers
Appreciating customers for their insights and even shopping, is certainly a creative way to reconnect with them on a personal level sans advertisements or pamphlets. At the periphery, it may seem trivial to send customers a letter but if we dig deeper into market psychology, isn't so. Maintaining a relationship of trust, cooperation, feedback and quality service is what makes a company or a brand successful. To do so, it is necessary to refresh old bonds with existing customers. Appreciation letters are therefore brilliant in that sense.

Sample Letter
This is the place for the business letter head

March 2, 2012

"Special Customer"
Customer Address Line 1,
Customer Address Line 2,
Customer Address Line 3.

Dearest Customer (Write the name of the customer)

My heart fills with joy and gratitude, as I take the pride and honor in informing you that you have been chosen as one of the special customers for this month. This is just a small token of our love and gratitude, that we wish to convey to you and your family, who have been a staunch patronage of our business. The consistent feedback and support we got from you has helped us scale new heights in improving the quality of our products. We owe the credit of the record breaking sales in the recent few months to our customers like you, who have actualized the efforts of our sales team. In response to your support for our products, our company has announced a financial package for you and your family. You can visit any of the nearest stores of your city and shop according to the plans mentioned in the other brochure given to you. Just carry these documents while you are coming to shop through this offer. There will also be a surprise gift for your kids, that we have concealed, just to make the occasion special for them! Hope to see you soon!

Thank you again for the support and love.

Yours with thanks,
Name of the person sending the customer appreciation letter,
Name of the company
Official Address

Customer appreciation letters is one of the marketing strategies that helps in building an everlasting bond between the customers and the company. This is how the brand image of a company and its products is carried on for years. It is one of the ways how a company can carve a niche in the hearts of its valued customer. All the leading companies of the world know the basics and fundamental principles of marketing, that is 'Customer is the King'! So, make sure your customer is satisfied with your greetings! This is where I sign off!