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Applying for a Business License

Applying for a Business License

Contrary to popular belief, applying and obtaining a business license is a very manageable task. You simply have to take some important considerations into mind while doing so. Keep reading to know more...
Stephen Rampur
If you want to start your own business, the first step you need to take is to find out if you are required to obtain a business license, and/or a permit for commencing the business legally in your area. Usually, a majority of businesses are required to obtain a license and/or a permit.

If your type of business has such requirements, then applying for such a license should be your first step. A business license can be obtained through a city, county, or the state government office; and the requirements may differ from state to state or from location to location. Understanding what you need to do in order to prepare for the submission procedure will make the process a lot faster, which will enable you to obtain the license in less time.

Applying for and Obtaining a Business License

Before applying, it is important that you have all the documentation in proper order and ready to be present for further processing. The documentation would include information regarding the establishment of the business, any kind of identification number that is needed by the national government to recognize the business as legal, any other alternate names that are used for the business, and the business' physical location.

All important business-related documents should be in place, so that you can provide the necessary ones to the local jurisdiction, without the need to stop the process for gathering other documents at the eleventh hour.

Your next step would be to approach the local government office, and determine which department or division is responsible for operating the issuance of licenses and permits that you specifically require. You also need to inquire about the information required for the application, how long it might take for the application processing, and what are the charges involved in the complete procedure.

If you are physically applying for the license, you need to include the fees along with the application submission. But if you are using the online process, you need to make the payment with a credit card. Progressively, a majority of jurisdictions have started to offer online resources for entrepreneurs who are thinking of applying for business licenses.

These resources may include a worksheet that helps you to understand how to precisely make out the application, how to download the business form, which is a crucial part of the procedure, and also significant information on what all steps are to be taken in order to renew the license. It is recommended to download the form from the jurisdiction's website in advance before submission, and take some time to fill it as required.

In few countries, it is possible to obtain a business license online, without the need to physically go to the local court house. After you submit the application online, it is assessed. If the application is sanctioned, you are directed to a secure site where you can see and print your license. In some cases, you might even receive the license as a file attachment through an email informing that the application has been sanctioned.

You need to keep in mind that these procedures are carried out according to the local or state laws and regulations. It simply means that there are particular conditions and criteria that must be met in order to obtain a license for your business.