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Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial invoices are used in transactions between clients of different countries. The format for commercial invoice is different from a sales and service invoice templates, though the basic function remains the same.
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Commercial invoices are basically bills for goods that are usually bought and sold between foreign vendors and clients. There are many kinds of invoice templates but since a commercial invoice deals with foreign goods and delivery in foreign locales, it is a little different from the rest.

You need to be particular with the intricacies that deal with legal things since it is a document of proof for the client and also a record for you as the vendor or dealer. Any matter of dispute will have the invoice as an evidence. So, follow the following format to make your template and alter according to the legalities of your country. This will be in terms of just one or two inclusions of terms and conditions and disclaimers, if any.

Commercial Invoice Template

Commercial Invoice
Invoice No. :           _____________
Company Name Delivery Date: _____________
Contact Details of Company Due Date: _____________
Registration No.    _____________ Customer ID: _____________
Date of Export:    _____________ Reference of Export: _____________
Shipper / Exporter: Consignee:
Details of Shipper / Exporter Address of Consignee
Shipping Terms:
Product Details:
Sr. No. Item Code Particulars Units Unit Rate Total Amount

Signature of Sales Person

Signature of Supervisor
Signature of Sales Customer

Commercial Invoice Format

Heading: The first and foremost thing that a commercial invoice has is the 'Commercial Invoice' heading.

Invoice No. : The most important part of the commercial invoice, the invoice number has to be entered here. This number is the unique identification assigned to the contract.

Company Details: This section should have the details of the company who has dealt with the client. Details should contain the postal and email addresses, contact numbers, fax numbers and the registration number of the company.

Transaction Dates: This section is very important as it has the details of the exact dates involved in the entire transaction. It consists of the following.
  • Due date
  • Export Date
  • Delivery Date
Due Date: The due date is the date given by the client, customer or consumer to the vendor as the last day by which the commodity will be delivered.

Export Date: The export date, as the name suggests, is the date when the dealer or vendor ships the commodity to the client.

Delivery Date: Delivery date is the date when the shipment is actually supposed to reach at the client's doorstep.

Since all these tasks take their course of time, the dates are necessary to keep a systematic track of the transaction process.

Export Details: This section deals with following details.
  • Shipper / Airway Details
  • Bill Nos.
  • Terms for Export
  • Payment Details
  • Customs Details
Shipper / Airway Details: This section of details is for the enterprise involved in the actual transporting of the commodity ordered.

Terms for Export: As the name suggests, this section is meant for the terms and conditions decided by the client and vendor.

Payment Details: This deals with the details associated with payments at different stages, for example, what part of payment is to be done and to whom, etc.

Customs Details: This is also an important factor of the template because it deals with the details of the dealings with the customs services of the countries and also contains the details of the excise duties.

Product Details: This is the usual and very basic part of any bill or template. It contains the details of the products or commodities for which the order was placed.

Hope this template and the format given above helps you to make your personalized invoice.