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How to Start a Water Vending Machine Business

How to Start a Water Vending Machine Business

Clean drinking water is a must to sustain life. Innovative water vending machine business ideas have been promoted in recent years, to make pure and clean drinking water available to people. How profitable is this business opportunity? Find out all about it, in this article.
Kundan Pandey
Water is a necessity of life. Clean and pure drinking water is a requirement of all. Since waterborne diseases and threats of contaminated water have increased in recent years, we're always in search of bottled or clean drinking water. Water vending machines have been of great help in this process, especially in hospitals, healthcare units, offices, schools, and colleges. Water vending machine business has become a unique concept in this age, as the concern for quality of water has increased, with every passing day, in the past couple of decades. Many companies all across the globe have entered into this business, and increasingly large number of people are coming out to start business franchises.

Points to Consider Before Staring the Business

It needn't be stated that this business has become popular in the recent years, owing to low cost of investment. Starting a business of dispensing water seems a bit less profitable, as compared to that of dispensing candies, chocolates, beer, coffee, and other beverages. The fact, however, is that there has been a tremendous shift in the attitude of the baby boomer generation, who're getting older, and in their attempt to stay healthy, they do look for proper water distribution solutions.

Before taking up a franchise of any company in this business, it is essential for you to consider several points. Firstly, the water used in these machines must be of high quality, and it must have passed standard tests for portability. As a franchise owner, do check if the company you're registering with, has safety certificates. This will certify that it is legal and it has gone through all forms of safety tests. Neither the parts used in the machine must be very old, nor they should be a source of chemical contamination in the water.

Any form of change in water quality, due to microbial and radiological reasons must be tested, before giving a final certificate to the manufacturing firm. It is important to ensure that the machine has been approved by The Department of Agriculture and Food, or the Division of Regulatory Services. Besides proper safety in construction, portability is also very important.

By portability, it means that the water used in the contraption must be healthy for drinking and it can be used for culinary purposes. The Division of Drinking Water from the Department of Environmental Quality maintains vigilance on the quality of water used in these machines. Moreover, the drip pans used in these machines must use proper material in construction. It must be easy to clean liquid waste dripping on the pan. The drip pan, along with the machine, must be corrosion-resistant.

It has to be understood that the business also has certain environmental benefits. Every time the vending machine is used, the use of a plastic water bottle is avoided. Based on the amount of water dispensed from the machine, money is charged. In an attempt to start this business of dispensing water, you must ensure that you have sufficient capital and the vending machine manufacturer from whom you're buying, must have a reputation of being innovative.

Since the machine is the most important aspect of this business, ensure that you buy one as per your needs and services. That will be the most important dimension of this business plan. Vending machine business holds the reputation of being a 100% cash only business system. So ensure that you make maximum profit out of it.