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Terms and Conditions Template

Terms and Conditions Template

The terms and conditions lay down the conditions for use of a specific product or service. In this article, we will take a look at this subject in detail, and will also check out a sample template.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2018
Nothing in the world comes without its share of caveats. The terms and conditions are a reflection of the same line of thought. Use it, but use it properly, best sums up what the template is trying to drive home. One of the places where this sort of document is popularly used is the computer world. Right from the section for downloading programs to those which you agree to when opening an account with a social networking website, it refuses to go away. And it makes sense if you are the seller/vendor in this case. You for one would not want something you created to be misused or abused in any way that may bring you, your product or its users to any sort of disrepute. So, the agreement is pretty much a way to protect yourself and the rest of your customers from assorted criminals and mischief mongers worldwide. So, let me assume that you have just started a website and hand you this template and the instructions to help you go about writing it.
The document is a legal one, which makes it terribly difficult to write. For one, you simply cannot afford to have any loopholes which others may be able to exploit. Hence, the general is best written with the help of a lawyer or an expert in the Copyright Law, Intellectual Property Rights law and most importantly, the Cyber Law. Being related to the Internet, drafting it and then sitting with your feet on the couch all relaxed isn't advisable either. In the dynamic cyberworld, it always pays to be alert and hence two steps ahead of everyone else.

These often works as a contract between the buyer and seller, given that it has all the essentials of one. When the user clicks the 'I Agree', he is effectively agreeing and signing that he will use the product/service.

Terms and Conditions Template
  • Price of Product/Service
  • Mode for Payment
  • Specification of goods and/or services
  • Terms of Delivery
  • Customer's obligations in the deal
  • Supplier's obligations in the deal
  • Limitation of liability of supplier
  • Proposal schedule
  • Terms for cancellation and refunds
  • Terms for alterations
  • Warranties
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Termination of deal
Once again, I would like to emphasize on the point where you should seek legal advice, when it comes to writing the terms and conditions. Their knowledge and experience in the said field will make sure that they prepare a template well suited to your needs.