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How to Choose a Teleseminar Service

Tips on How to Choose a Teleseminar Service That Best Suits You

In the recent years, teleseminar service has become one of the most popular ways of cutting down costs of expensive meetings, and whopping amounts of money spent on marketing products. Read ahead to know more...
Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
One of the most important aspects of business communication is that, a company must make sustained efforts to stay in touch with customers and clients. Internet affiliate marketing has done the work for marketers for many years.
Nowadays, teleseminars have become a great option to market products and services. It can improve business prospects of a marketing and promotional campaign, and it can also help firms stay connected with various clients and customers.
What Does Teleseminar Mean?
Teleseminar is the second name for teleconferencing or conference calling. By availing this service, one is able to call multiple callers through specially designed phone lines (called bridgelines). No matter you're calling 1 caller or 100 callers, same message can be communicated to a large audience. This saves significant money that may have otherwise gone in meetings, conferences and travel to meet clients and discussing business. Also, man power and time is saved that can be utilized by the company for other work. As one of the relatively latest technologies in business phone systems, teleseminar service, is a great choice for business heads.
Choosing a Teleseminar Service
Selecting the best service requires you to pay close attention to several details about the service provider. These days, there are a lot of free service providers, however, paid or free, there are some fundamental tips that you must follow before choosing a teleseminar service. To test this service, either you can consider the low cost or free trial of the service provider for two to three days, and then depending on its performance, you can decide which one to choose.
Check out following factors during your trial and testing period:
  • Observe during your trial period, if you're able to get calls without any technical problems. You must be able to make and receive calls easily, else it won't work for you in the long run.
  • Check if the sound quality is good and the voice clarity is suitable for both the parties to be audible.
  • Are there recording facilities provided by the service you're choosing? If yes, then it may help you to record your call and use it later, if required. Also, check if it is easier to get customers, clients and people who have missed the seminar, get access to the recorded calls, easily.
  • Is the the control panel easy to use and user-friendly? Can you exercise control over it? Is it easy to mute and unmute clients and customers, if required?
  • Does the teleseminar service provide you with an option to connect to international clients, or to those who don't have phone line connection, via the online network (similar to Internet phone concept)?
  • Is it simple or difficult to add music, at the start and end of the clip?
  • You must know the duration for which your recordings will be stored by the teleseminar service provider. There are various free services that delete the recording after 20 to 30 days while the paid services, keep your calls recorded, for sometime, depending on your plans.
So depending on your objectives and goals, you can choose some free or paid teleseminar services.
Therefore, it can be concluded that teleseminar services are an effective way to reduce costs on expensive meetings and conferences, and also save time. Use this technology to your advantage and also better your business everyday!