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Organo Gold Scam

Curious to Know Everything About the Organo Gold Scam? Read This

Organo gold is an MLM marketing company well-known for its organic coffee worldwide. The article below sheds light on the apparent Organo gold scam.
Kanika Khara
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Coffee, being a morning staple and a great way to stay alert and active throughout the day, is one of the most consumed beverage world wide. In fact, studies show that on an average more than 400 millions cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis. We all know that coffee contains caffeine, an additive substance, which if consumed in excess can result in psychological as well as physical disorders. And to fight back this disadvantage of drinking coffee, many decaffeinated coffee versions have come up, but sadly, some of them contain residues of chemicals used in the decaffeination process, which can be extremely harmful to our body. Hence, all these factors encouraged the manufacture of organic coffee, which is believed to healthy to our body.
Organo Gold coffee is one such organic coffee, which is not only safe to drink, but also holds some great medicinal value. The question of whether this is true or just a scam is discussed in the paragraphs below.
Organo Gold
  • Organo Gold is a network marketing company founded by Bernie Chua of the Philippines and launched in the US in June 2008.
  • It markets various health products including gourmet coffee (black, latte, and mocha), tea, and hot chocolate.
  • The Organo Gold coffee has gained a lot of hype and popularity in the coffee drinking community. All the products are prepared of reishi mushroom, botanically known as¬†Ganoderma lucidum, which is a herb well-known for its medicinal properties, especially in Chinese traditional medicines.
  • If sources are to be believed, this mushroom is loaded with over 150 natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals, build immune system to combat various health ailments, oxygenate the body, and boost stamina to improve endurance and ability to work for longer duration of time.
  • Besides these health benefits, Organo Gold products, especially, the coffee which is made of 100% pure organic¬†ganoderma lucidum¬†and Arabica coffee beans offer great taste and serves as one of the world's best energy booster.
  • Like other network marketing companies, the Organo Gold scheme also offer business opportunities to people to make extra money by simply re-selling its products.
  • Basically, when you make a personal sale of the products, you get a commission for that sale.
  • By adding more people to your sales team, which could be members of your family or friends, you can earn a commission for each sale your team member will make. Hence, depending upon the sales made by you and your team, you will be paid by Organo Gold, in short, more the sales, more you will earn.
Organo Gold Scam
  • It sounds very easy to enroll your family and friends in this business of selling Organo Gold products, but in reality it is not so easy.
  • Though many people seem to have succeeded in this network marketing industries, according to some reviews, most people do not succeed.
  • The truth is, despite an effective training program, which includes broad spectrum of seminars, phone conferences, and training staff that will help you to form your team and increase the sales, most people are unable to make enough money to cover their marketing expenses.
  • As the money you earn from the compensation program depends on the number of people you hire and the sales they generate, it is not that easy to make profit, unless you build some good contacts and maintain the existing ones.
Though we cannot actually consider this as a scam, to succeed in the business, like any other leading network marketers in this industry, Organo Gold need to revive its marketing strategies and implement a marketing plan that will draw people to them and make the first contact. Hence, the only way to succeed is to attract those people who in true sense want to build a great and successful network marketing business.