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Is Buying an Existing Business a Good Option?

Is Buying an Existing Business a Good Option?

The following pros and cons of buying an existing business venture will help potential entrepreneurs understand the basics of the business world. So let's understand if buying an existing business is a better option than starting your own business...
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Buying an existing business venture gives people a direct opportunity to enter into the business world. Purchasing an already established business saves the time and investment that is needed to start a business from the beginning. If the individual has the money, then buying an established business is a good investment. Someone has already started the business venture, all the legal work required has already been done, and with the buying of business the new owner also gets the legal customer base which makes the venture profitable. Sounds like a very interesting deal, but with every business deal there are some advantages and disadvantages, and in business it is always necessary to weigh the pros and cons before making any deals.

Questions to Ask before Buying a Business

A basic understanding and knowledge about the entire business would be very helpful in making a business deal. There would be times when tempting offers would line up and the entrepreneur is faced with a lot of confusion regarding the purchase of the business. In such circumstances, it is good to consider the following questions.
  • Does the business suit the nature of the investor and is it something that he/she would be able to do with interest?
  • Can the investor establish a good working relationship with the pre-existing employees and customers?
  • Has the investor conducted thorough research before buying the business or is this move is an impulsive purchase?
  • Is the business a profitable purchase and does it have any potential in the future to grow?
  • Is the buying price reasonable? What is the current net worth of the business?
  • Is the investor ready to go through the legal issues and processes of the takeover? Does the investor has a qualified lawyer for professional advice?
Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying an Existing Business

So are there really any pros and cons of buying an existing business? For people who are moving forward with the aim of buying an existing business venture, here are advantages and disadvantages to consider.

The business is already running and has already passed the confusing and critical start up phase. This means that money inflow doesn't have to stop and it can keep going on like it was before. The basic infrastructure is ready in place and the only thing that needs to be done is changing the current business strategy, if that is necessary. An existing business venture normally has an established customer base which means that no money would be spent on advertising and promotion of the business. An established business has already a good working relationship with all its customers and retailers and the new owner can immediately take advantage of the different opportunities. As the new owner, the individual would be provided with all the existing financial statements which can be used to decide the future course of the business. Buying an existing business venture is less risky and offers better opportunities of success than starting in the same business from the beginning.

Although buying an existing business sounds very good, there are lot of disadvantages which come with the buying of existing companies. In many instances, buying a business has proven more expensive than starting a business from scratch. Buying a business just doesn't get the new owner all the profit, but also makes them responsible for all the problems that have been hampering the company's progress from a long time. These existing problems wouldn't be visible first as the previous owners ensure that the businesses look clean and these problems appear to the surface only after the new owners have spent a considerable amount of time with the new business. There are high chances that the new owner would put in new policies and it is very obvious that these new policies will not be welcomed with open arms by existing employees.

So this was some insight at the pros and cons of buying an existing business. Buying a business can make an investor very successful, but if it is done without proper knowledge the whole matter can become very complicated. People who want to buy an existing business venture should always keep the above points in mind before making any decisions.