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How to Sell Vintage T-Shirts

How to Sell Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage, or retro fashion, from the 60s-80s is back. Almost everyone wants to have at least one t-shirt dawning their wardrobe. So why not learn how to sell vintage T-shirts and make a few extra bucks? Or you can sell your own hand made T-shirts as well...
Rohini Mohan
Retro and vintage t-shirts and accessories have been deemed modern-day art by popular demand. We don't get to see these forms of art work today, unless it's recreated for us, through magazines and mindbogglingly expensive fashion ware. While some can afford it, many of us cannot even wrap our heads around the exorbitant price range! This very ordeal can be turned into a business proposition, wherein vintage t-shirt collectors and prospective enthusiasts can collect t-shirts and sell these at affordable rates. You can decide upon the type of crowd that will most likely be buying these t-shirts and accordingly tag the price range. College students and youngsters will form the majority of your clientele, therefore requiring that you place your prices for the t-shirts according to their usual budget. At the same time, ex-comrades of the vintage era too would form a small part of the clientele, thereby increasing the prices accordingly. There are ways through which you can initiate your sales.

How to Get Hold of Authentic Vintage T-Shirts

#1 - Scavenge Vintage Sales
You will need to check every clothing store which sells used and old clothes. You can also shop for clothes on eBay as another affordable option. Vintage clothing stores are a great option as you can take ample amounts of time searching through the layers and layers of clothing. Most shops will have a separate section for t-shirts, which will reduce your time and marginalize your efforts. Thrift shops too are an excellent option, as you'll get these shirts on a very affordable bargain. Even if you come across torn and tattered t-shirts, which have the main design intact, I suggest you buy them too. The reason being that some like the ragged look, while some can be made into completely new t-shirts! The idea is to collect as many t-shirts as you can, so as to be able to sell them. Buy about 10 t-shirts, so that you can handle any loss, if it occurs.

#2 - New T-Shirts
Vintage t-shirts which were torn can be made into new t-shirts, simply by cutting out the vintage design and getting them stuck and embossed on fresh t-shirts! This isn't a time-consuming or expensive job, all it takes it a good fabric glue, a hand held sewing machine and come shiny threads, if you wish to add some shiny twist to the t-shirt.

#3 - Handmade Vintage Designs
Depending on your artistic talent, you can make simple vintage designs and logos, using fabric polyester paints. These could be logos of bands such as the Rolling Stones, Kiss, The Who, or even Iron Maiden. None of which are tough to make! Or you could try making old cartoon characters, such as Betty Boop, Huckleberry Hound, or Felix the Cat! Your options are limitless.

#4 - Apply on Classifieds
Once you're armed with these vintage t-shirts, go in for a free online classified which allows you to sell t-shirts. Mention the types of t-shirts you will be selling. This should be the first step, so that you know if any buyers are interested. Set the prices at an acceptable range, which are matching with prices mentioned in other online stores. You will need to sell your hand painted t-shirts at a slightly higher price by increasing them by a few dollars each. Mention a commercial number where people can call and place their orders or send an email requesting for an order to be placed. If you're planning to go on a large-scale sale, do not forget to mention a shipping and delivery cum discount option, for ordering more than 2-3 t-shirts. Keep your rates low in order to attract customers, while keeping some t-shirts on an expensive margin, for people who do not mind spending for collector t-shirts.

#5 - Flea Market Sale
Book a shop for yourself at a popular flea market near your town or city. You and another shopkeeper can always agree to share the rent for the shop and sell complimentary items, such as t-shirts with fashion accessories. Flea markets usually run on a weekly basis, and bring in a lot of diverse crowds. There are high possibilities of your t-shirts getting sold out!

Another option is to market your t-shirts through the word of mouth, by selling them to friends and asking them to spread the word forward.