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How to Go Green in Your Business

How to Go Green in Your Business and Help the Environment

It is really hard to ignore all the advertisements that coax everyone to go green at home and at work. We know that going green is great for the environment and for our future generations, but can these methods be good for a business?
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2019
Green homes are slowly becoming a common phenomenon nowadays but people rarely know anything about "Green Businesses". A green business means implementing environment-friendly ways that can make a business more productive and reduce meaningless expenditure. The following methods give you a better insight about ways to go green with your business.
Reduction of Waste
Workers at garbage collection center
Hire a waste management team that can suggest new ideas of cutting down on waste and opting for cost-effective green ways. The team can start by educating the employees on the importance of recycling and buying organic commodities.
Save Light
Opting for CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs can help people save a lot of money on electricity as a CFL uses 75% less energy than an average incandescent bulb.
Switch off
It is the duty of every employee to make sure that unnecessary wastage of electricity is controlled as far as possible. Make it a policy to use light bulbs and fixtures which have Energy-Star ratings as they use two-thirds less energy than regular lights.
Installation of timers and motion sensors which automatically shut off lights when not needed also play a big role in cutting down electricity costs. Today, multinational companies buy eco-friendly products which help preserve the environment.
Solar Panels
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Even though installing a solar panel is an expensive process, it is a significant investment which should be encouraged. These panels are made from silicon which convert the sun's energy to electricity.
The panels function by collecting sunlight which is passed through a semiconductor which is then converted into electricity. Solar panels save a lot of money as sunlight is free and in abundance. The panel has no moving parts, hence has no maintenance; and these panels come with a warranty of 15 years and above.
The best part about installing solar panels is the federal benefits one receives. The government gives you a 30% tax credit of the total costs of installation; not only that, there are various state and local benefits for companies installing solar panels and promoting the use of green energy.
Going Paperless
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Minimizing the usage of paper is the best way for a business to go green. Make sure the major paperwork is done online which includes posting important employee manuals and updates online rather than printing individual copies.
Buy Plants
Office plants
Plants not only enhance the overall look of the office, they are also instrumental in absorbing airborne pollutants while emitting oxygen. Even plant waste can be recycled and used as organic fertilizer, thereby saving a decent amount of money.
Promote Green Practices
go green
Initiating green business ideas and practices have shown good long-term benefits.
Statistics show that green practices have a positive return on investment and help businesses remain on good terms with federal, state and local environment bodies, thus making audits easy.
Going green in business is no more a choice, it is a responsibility, which is why it is important for all of us to participate in such activities. The value of going green has increased more than ever; so start now, and help build a clean planet for future generations.