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Highest-Paid CEOs

Highest-Paid CEOs

Chief executive officers (CEOs) are one of highly-paid individuals in the corporate industry. The BusinessZeal article below enlists some of the highest-paid CEOs as on today.
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Rolling in the Dollars!
As per reliable sources, the CEO of GoPro was the highest-paid CEO in the year 2014. His package was rumored to be, approximately, a mind-numbing figure of USD 284 million.

The designation of a CEO is one of the most vital ones in any organization. Not surprisingly, CEOs roll in the big bucks (which they very well deserve); after all, managing a company is no mean feat. Of course, the latest statistics depict that CEOs continue to be paid a lot of dough, while subordinates earn comparatively lesser for the amount of work. Reportedly, the compensation packages of some of the top shots do not differ with recession. You may have heard of how Apple welcomed its CEO, Mr. Tim Cook by offering him an annual package of USD 378 million dollars, a majority of which was in the form of restricted stock units. On similar lines, the paragraphs below enlist some of top paid CEOs of the country.
Top Ten Highest-Paid CEOs in the US
#1: John Hammergren
Company: McKessen
Compensation: USD 131.2 million

Featured on the top of the list, John Hammergren is one of the highest-paid CEOs. During his tenure, the stock options of the company rose to more than 20%, while the company boasts of USD 122 billion sales in the year 2012.
#2: Ralph Lauren
Company: Ralph Lauren
Compensation: USD 66.7 million

One of the most elite fashion designers of the world, Ralph Lauren is renowned for starting his own clothing line with the same brand name. Today, the company specializes in perfumes, jewelry, and shoes, apart from clothes.
#3: Michael Fascitelli
Company: Vornado Realty
Compensation: USD 64.4 million

A brilliant executive, Michael Fascitelli took over the position of the CEO in the year 2009. During his tenure, he has made several profitable acquisitions, some of the prime ones being, the innumerable office buildings in Manhattan.
#4: Richard Kinder
Company: Kinder Morgan
Compensation: USD 60.9 million

Beginning as a pipe dream (literally), Richard Kinder launched Kinder Morgan in the year 1996 with his friend William Morgan. Today, the company boasts is one of the largest companies in the US, and boasts of 80,000 miles of pipelines, post the merger with El Paso Corp.
#5: David Cote
Company: Honeywell
Compensation: USD 55.8 million

The stock prices of Honeywell showed a considerable rise during the time when David Cote was appointed as the CEO. As of 2002, he is the chairperson of Honeywell.
#6: George Paz
Company: Express Scripts
Compensation: USD 51.5 million

Apart from serving as the CEO of Express Scripts, George Paz is on the Board of Directors of the prestigious Honeywell. Additionally, he has served as the President of Express Scripts and the Express Scripts Holding Company until 2014.
#7: Jeffery H. Boyd
Compensation: USD 50.2 million

One of the most dynamic leaders, Jeffery Boyd has taken Priceline to great heights since his tenure has the CEO. With a sales increase of around USD 990 million to more than USD 4 billion, the man is undoubtedly what leaders are made of.
#8: Stephen Hemsley
Company: UnitedHealth Group
Compensation: USD 48.8 million

Stephen Hemsley has served as the CEO of the UnitedHealth Group since 2006. Besides, he is also a trustee of the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota and the Minnesota Public Radio. He is described as one of the most dynamic executives.
#9: Clarence P. Cazalot Jr.
Company: Marathon Oil
Compensation: USD 43.7 million

One of the highest-paid executives in Houston, Clarence Cazalot is renowned for steering the company out of the dangerous debt waters. He was also the recipient of the Woodrow Wilson Award.
#10: John C. Martin
Company: Gilead Sciences
Compensation: USD 43 million

John Martin has catapulted Gilead Sciences into the global biotechnology business. The drug, Altripla (HIV medication), has been invented by Gilead.
Source: Forbes Magazine
You need to bear in mind that the above list may differ with many similar other lists. The statistics are calculated while emulating different factors in mind; accordingly, the names on the list will change. For instance, while Forbes reports John Hammergren on the top of the list, Businessinsider reports Lawrence J Ellison of Oracle on the top, despite a varying change in the compensation.
Note: It is to be remembered that this data has been presented as per the latest statistics. The information provided above is very well subject to change.
Highest-Paid Women CEOs in the US
  1. Martine A. Rothblatt, United Therapeutics
  2. Marissa A. Mayer, Yahoo
  3. Carol M. Meyrowitz, TJX Companies
  4. Phebe N. Novakovic, General Dynamics
  5. Margaret C. Whitman, Hewlett-Packard
  6. Marillyn A. Hewson, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  7. Irene B Rosenfeld, Mondelez International
  8. Virginia M. Rometty, IBM
  9. Mindy F. Grossman, HSN, Inc.
  10. Ellen J. Kullman, DuPont.
Highest-Paid CEOs Outside the US
  1. Kalanithi Maran, Sun TV Network
  2. Pawan Munjal, Hero Motocorp
  3. Desh Bandhu Gupta, Lupin
  4. Naveen Jindal, Jindal Steel
  5. Murali K.Divi, Divi's Lab
  1. Gerald W. Schwartz, Onex Corporation
  2. Nadir Mohamed, Rogers Communications Inc.
  3. Michael M. Wilson, Agrium Inc.
  4. Donald J. Walker, Magna International Inc.
  5. Steven K. Hudson, Element Financial Corp
How much CEOs should be paid has been the subject of intense debate in print and electronic media. Many experts have stressed that there is an urgent need to tackle the real problem of unstable economy rather than blaming the CEOs for everything. Nevertheless, CEOs in top multinational companies continue to take fat paychecks, year in and year out, whatever the condition of the economy.