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Business Apology Letter Sample

Business Apology Letter Sample

For those who have made a costly business mistake, writing a business apology is the best attempt to set things right. Here is how one can go about writing an apology letter.
Arjun Kulkarni
Making mistakes can have serious consequences in business and corporate world. Losing a customer because of some operational error can be a pretty costly and messy affair. Making an incorrect delivery, late delivery, or delivering products that are way below the quality benchmark cannot have much excuses. The best you can do is send an apology letter to the customer before he starts making a negative publicity about your business ethics. Here is an effective apology letter sample to help you out.

Important Note
The content of this letter should reflect the writer's sincere apologies. Basically, the letter needs to be worded in a way that the customer finds it in his heart to forgive and forget the mistake you made.

Letter Sample

Japonica Garments and Exports
13, Harmony, Dales Bridge, CA
Contact: 0066-245-1456

Date: November 24, 2012

Ms. Alicia Shaw
Ruby Fashion Store
65, Xtreme Plaza and Mall,
Old bridge, TX

Letter of Apology

Dear Ms. Shaw,
We write this letter to offer our sincere apologies for delayed delivery of your garments consignment (code no #AS4558).

We are aware that you had specifically requested the delivery of this consignment by November 20, 2012 for your holiday season opening day. There has been a problem with our delivery process for a while now and I assure you that we are taking all steps we can to change it. I would like to make an apology on behalf of my staff who made this mistake.

Our company values its association with clients such as 'Ruby Fashion Store'. We are therefore, offering you a discount of 40% on the net price of consignment code #AS4558. In case you have any other feedback about our services, feel free to contact me on my personal number mentioned above. We look forward to continue our valued association with you.

Thank you!

Ms. Eve Samuels
Japonica Garments and Exports

Some Important Inputs

It must be peppered with words which try to flatter and please the reader. This is to ensure that the customer who has been wronged by you or your company, cools down his/her anger. Remorseful words of 'let's-try-and make-things-right' school of thought will work.

Here is a useful suggestion. Try to put yourself in the position of the customer and empathize with what he went through. Try to understand his trauma and write the letter accordingly. This will bring out the right feelings in your letter.

Do not make excuses. Most apology letters will say that you need to clarify your position, I really don't think that the customer cares too much about what went wrong in your scheme of things.

Try convincing the customer what steps you intend to take to correct the mistakes made.

The customer will want something in the way of compensation for your mistake. So it makes sense to offer the customer something in cash or kind for what he has been through.

End the letter with a hint that you would like to continue to work with the customer. This makes the customer feel as though the ball is in his court and pampers his ego.

These are the most useful tips to mollify your miffed customer and save the day. Customer loyalty is a prized asset for any business and should not be forsaken in any case. Hope this solves your problem.