Best Jobs for Self Employment

Work at flexible timings, have the convenience of your home, avoid the pressures of a hectic professional life and be your own boss by becoming self employed. Here are some great career options that you can look at if you intend to become self-employed.
BusinessZeal Staff
An employer who employees you, makes you work for him and to top it all, he earns more than you. This is a good enough reason for you to get self-employed and be your own boss. In times when economies plummet to the whims of a manipulating few, options of self-employment can save you from the horror of pink slips. It gives you the privilege of family time and allows you to manage your career and home at your pace. So, if you are just married or if you have just had kids, working from home and starting your own enterprise is the best thing for you. With a score of self employment opportunities, that require little investment, and a steady business plan, you can hike up your bank balance with a brand you can call your own.
Fashion Designer
Most of us leave what we can do the best somewhere as we are growing up. If you think designing is what you can do the best, here's your chance. Imagination and ideation are the only investments required to start up your designing firm. For instance, you will have to make sketches for dresses, gowns and other clothing items, if you plan to start a dress designing studio. To experiment with your designs, use your old clothes and fabrics. If you think you can make it, invest in fabrics that will make your designs come alive. Find out how you can source them at a cheaper rate. Most mills offer fabrics at a cheaper price if you order them in bulk. Work on your sketches, designs, and stitching for about six months to have your own clothing line.
Handmade Crafts
Although self employment helps you have flexible hours, it does demand burning the midnight oil in the initial stage. A lot of people would spend a fortune on custom-made design and handicrafts. The reason being, these are hard to find and the only ones ever to be made! So, if you can twist wires and complement them with pretty stones, you can have a dazzling jewelry store in your garage. As the gold market is soaring to unaffordable heights, cash in on the silver market. Learn how to make silver jewelry and find out how you can get semi precious and precious stones. Initially, start off with cheaper jewelry materials. As your designs gain popularity, plow your profits in precious but handmade jewelry materials. As you work on your collection, the investment will start paying off.
Freelance Journalist
Working from home gives you a chance to mold your passions into a career. A full-time job with a newspaper or a magazine involves grueling working hours and painstaking work. If you want to avoid the pressures of a real media house, being a freelance journalist is an answer. Get in touch with all the local dailies and magazines in your city. Most of these will be looking out for stringers who can write on various subjects. Choose your forte, share your ideas, pick up an assignment and get working. If your network is good, then get in touch with magazines outside your city, that are looking to cover events, stories, stores, and places in your hometown. This will give you an opportunity to feature amongst a wider readership. You can also start a blog, that speaks of various subject or just one. Being a regular writer the same, will win you dedicated readership, which in turn will help you monetize your blog.
Day Care
With the number of single parents on the rise, there is a huge demand for good day cares. Advertise your idea through distributing pamphlets in schools and parks. This is an excellent way to tap your potential clientele. Start with a small number of kids to gauge how it works. Inform parents beforehand about the services you are going to provide. Services can include a meal, games, playgroup lessons, and other activities. Hire trained staff to work with the kids and make sure everything in the designated area is child friendly. Starting a day care requires minimal investments as compared to the rewards it reaps.
Event Planner
Many argue whether managers are trained or self made. However, a person with true managerial abilities would leave this discussions aside and put his skills to remunerative use. Being an event planner requires one to have organizational skills. So if you think you've got them, being an event planner is just the thing for you. You can start small by planning a birthday party for your neighbor. This will give you an insight of what goes into event planning. Doing small scale events will help you develop a network of vendors. Maintaining a good rapport with vendors will go a long way in organizing big events.
Most of these self employed ideas utilize your creative thinking. By this virtue, they present you with an opportunity to turn your hobbies into a lucrative professions. And what could be better than a job, that pays you for doing what you love doing!
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