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8 Amazingly Strange Businesses You Didn't Know Existed

Strange Businesses You Didn't Know Existed
You can call them different, unusual, unheard of, or simply bizarre! These adjectives are for some businesses. Yes! There are some really strange businesses out there that you didn't know existed, and will be introduced to you here.
Meghna Wani
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Cheesy Business!
Sarah Kaufmann, rightly called 'The Cheese Lady', sculpts cheddar cheese, and makes a living out of it. She also holds the Guinness World Record for carving out the world's largest cheese sculpture.
Some businesses probably will not have a business plan template for you to read, and neither will they have properly arranged hierarchy levels. The people who work in these businesses require no specific qualifications or work experience. In spite of which, these businesses function... silently. The people who are the brainchild behind these businesses grab and work on strange ideas, that are still not thought of or implemented by others.
It is usually difficult to come up with a striking idea for a business, and if you have come up with one, but are afraid to get your feet wet, then read the list of strange businesses given below. You will get the courage to start, and the feeling that the idea may not work will vanish. If these people can do it, you can too! Don't think about the money it may or may not make, because the ideas that you think can't yield much, are the ones that will make a fortune for you. You never know!
Bizarre Businesses You Didn't Know Existed
Murder Scene Cleaning Up
Murder Cleaning Up
A gruesome murder... police... inquiries... and after sometime, everybody leaves the place in the same condition as it was. Splattered blood and many other nauseating things are left lying on the floor and stuck to the walls. Now the question arises, who will clean up the place?

Welcome the murder scene cleanup team! They are specialists in disaster cleanup and restoring. They not only clean up crime scenes, but also flood, storm, or any other natural calamity wreckage.
The workers are trained to deal with blood-borne pathogens. Before entering the crime scene, the first thing they do is to put on their protective clothing. After which, they spray the entire scene with a germicidal agent, which is followed by brushing with an abrasive brush. If any item cannot be cleaned by brushing on the spot, it is removed and cleaned with special air filters and ozone air-pumping machines.
Depending on how awful the scene is, they get paid at least two or three times a regular cleanup job. If the scene is very appalling and takes weeks to clean up, then the workers even get paid in six figures.
Wearable Human Remains
Losing a loved one can be really painful. The deceased person's absence creates a void that no other person or thing can fill. You are only left with memories to count upon. One such memory is the remains of that person kept wistfully in the urn.

But why to leave the remains and the urn just gathering dust? Why not convert it into a customized keepsake that you can wear or use in your daily life? Yes! There is a business where they convert human remains into wearable products, like pendants. The artist just requires half a teaspoon of the remains, from which he selects what he feels best and seals it in a pendant, a bowl, a paperweight, or a frame.

I'm sure that when you wear your loved one's fond memory around the neck, it will not only make you nostalgic, but will also make you feel his or her presence all the time.
'Sympathy Food' Service
Sympathy Food
If one of your acquaintances has recently lost a loved one, you may be wondering what to give him as a way of expressing condolence. While flowers or a condolence card can be a good option, it won't be of much use to someone who is mourning.

Normally, people who are grieving over the loss of a loved one, are not in a state of preparing food for themselves. Now, the business that I'm going to mention about has tapped exactly this feeling, and has come up with the 'sympathy food' delivering service. With this service, a person can send over family-style meals to people all over the US.

You can decide the food that you want to be sent, and then get it shipped to the griever's place. They feel relieved, thinking that someone cares. This type of service would definitely alleviate their grief a little, if not much.
Bacon-flavored Everything
Now that we've shifted our focus to food, let me tell you that there is a company that believes that the taste of bacon should be the only type of taste present on the entire earth. This company manufactures a big range of edible products, be it mayonnaise or popcorn or croƻtons. But everything that they manufacture has one common flavor to it. You guessed it right - bacon.
Two friends, and their mutual love for bacon, inspired them to think that everything that is edible should have a bacon flavor to it. Initially, they started the business with bacon-flavored salt, that could be sprinkled on any food to make it taste like, well, bacon!
As they started getting more success, they thought of expanding their bacon-flavored offerings, and introduced a bacon-flavored lip balm. If that was not enough, let me inform you that they have also come up with bacon-flavored envelopes. Yeah, you read it right! Bacon-flavored envelopes! Rightly named as 'Mmmvelopes'.
Toiletries Smelling Like Bakery Products
Morning Set
Speaking of flavoring, there is one business that incorporates the flavor of bakery products in your soaps, shampoos, and perfumes. Want to smell as if you have just stepped out of a bakery? You will get a perfume which will smell just like freshly-baked cookies.

The same concept goes for soaps and shampoos. If you want blueberry cheesecake-smelling hair, just tell them and voila! You would be flaunting your cheesecake-smelling tresses all around.

The people at the soap bakery, and also those mentioned above have understood one common thing - people can get weird olfactory and taste cravings. They have thus managed to build an enterprise out of this concept. Speaking of bakery-smelling toiletries, they have an entire gamut of products, like toothpaste, scrubs, shower gels, hairsprays, and perfumes.

The fun part is that, if you happen to get tempted to eat the soap, don't worry because all the products are made from 100% organic, food grade ingredients. But I would advise you to control your cravings, and not put that soap in your mouth. (for heavens sake!)
Custom Made Furniture
Custom Made Furniture
There is no end to the type of products that you can get customized. From bakery-smelling toiletries to bacon-flavored lip gloss, and now customized furniture.

Picture this! You purchased a brand new sofa, and allowed your pet canine to ape up. Even though he is pee-trained, he may just feel the itch to ruin your new sofa. And there you are, scolding him for his misdeed. This would have not been the case if you would have ordered a waterproof or stain-proof sofa.

Yes, this type of furniture is for those who have slobs in their house. This furniture is made out of a fabric that can withstand spill and stain abuse. So, if you, your kids, or your husband are incontinent, then maybe you need a piece of furniture that has the 'common sense of a mother and the muscle of a professional wrestler'. (This is the sofa company's catch line.)
Customized Novels
Customized Novels
Customized stuff! Again? Yes! This time, the business is about making customized novels, movies, and posters. Imagine, you are going to be the star of a novel. If you are going get a novel made as a couple, then you and your lover are going to be the hero and heroine.

To make it as personalized as possible, you have to provide a few pictures and certain details about you and the people around you. You may have to give nicknames for each other, best friend's names, your pet's name, places of work, and a list of your favorite things. They can also put you on the cover.

The best bet is that you can tell them the type of novel that you want to make. While romantic, cuddly, and flirty flow is common, upon request, they can even make the story a horror, suspense, or sci-fi flavored one. You just have to tell them the details.

If you don't want a novel, you can get a poster made too. It is much easier and cheaper. There are some businesses that even make a short film for you, complete with editing and songs. Don't fret! You don't have to act. You just have give them the story, tell them your life's milestones, and a few pictures. They would blend everything seamlessly into something that would be as unique as you are.
Mobile Wedding Cars
Want to get hitched, but the budget won't allow? Have $129? Then you can surely tie the knot, and that too at one of your favorite places. You had dreamed of a beach wedding, or a mountain-side wedding, or a wedding by a beautiful river, but have a tight budget?
These people have read your mind, and come up with an idea for people just like you. If you want a beach wedding, the mobile wagon will meet you at the destined place, fully decked up with a minister and a witness. They would even give the groom a tuxedo, and the bride a gown, that they have to return after the wedding
If you can manage to afford a few hundred bucks more, then they can meet you at even more exotic places. The advantage of this wedding wagon is that you just have to be present without any prior preparations.
Apart from the ones I have mentioned here, there are many other businesses that are equally strange, like ancestor detectives, who try to locate your ancestral tree. Then there is the business of outsourced dating services. They arrange every little thing to make that date perfect for you. The retro-game manufacturer, who brings back the memories of Pac-Man and Asteroids. The list can just go on and on...