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Customer Appreciation Ideas

These are Some of the Best Ideas to Show Customer Appreciation

When customers return happy and satisfied by the services they receive, it can motivate you to do a better job and show gratitude to the customers. Read how you can come up with interesting customer appreciation ideas to help market your business well...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better. ~ Jeff Bezos, founder
Appreciating customers isn't just a good practice for a business or organization. In order to have a successful customer-business relationship, small things can make a huge difference. For a business or organization, big or small, national or international, customers are everything. Their loyalty and satisfaction from your product(s) and service(s) gives you an opportunity to establish your business. So as an organization, it's important that you come up with some ideas on appreciating your customers to keep them happy, promote and market your business, and get a chance to introduce new products and services, if any.
Appreciating Customers for their Invaluable Business
It is not uncommon knowledge or a hidden fact that companies compete among one another. The level of competition can be so high that it can mean a world of difference if things are not managed properly. As you read through the following article, you will see how innovative customer appreciation ideas can work towards customer relationship management. After all, keeping the customers happy, wanting to come back to you, and conveying a simple "Thank You" is the main goal.

First 100 Customers

Remember how big departmental stores give out free appliances right around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Similarly, you can give away products, services, or appliances to the first 100 customers who walk into your office or store that day. The customers will feel welcomed, valued, and satisfied. You can place an ad in the newspapers and send newsletters beforehand so that people are aware of the day's event.

Hungry Customers
This next idea works really good for fast food joints and small restaurants. We all know that people love to eat outside and they can't get enough of take out. On customer appreciation day, you can help promote your new product(s) by holding a special promotion. For example, if a customer purchases a hamburger, fries, and a drink, you can give them that new product absolutely free. This way, the customer feels happy that he/she got a free item and you get to bring the new product into the market.

Refer a Friend
Many a time, after purchasing certain products or indulging in particular services, the business wishes their customers refer them to their friends and help attract more clients. In this case, you can actually give your customers a chance to gain something in return as well. For every friend that comes to avail any services or buy certain products, the main customers can be given gift certificates of a certain amount. This way, the customers will not only be tempted to do a little word-of-mouth advertisement for you, but also have to come back for more.

Free Accounts
For a bank, how about hiring a professional photographer and having your customer's pictures taken with the entire family. You can keep raffle tickets or coupons, organize a lucky draw where you can select however many customers you want for the photographs. Personally call each of the customers who won and give them the specific date and time to come for their family portrait to be taken. Hold a one-day event, preferably a Sunday and organize for snacks and refreshments. It will be a hectic day, but the customers will surely love it.

If you want inexpensive ideas for small businesses, then get t-shirts or mugs with your company's logo on it and gift it to your customers. It may not be much but the customers feel valued and that's what counts the most. With the gifts, if there are any new products which you want to promote, you can also add a letter or sample that describes what the product is all about. It's one of the best marketing strategies a small business can use.
Other Tips to Keep in Mind
Apart from the ideas that we discussed in this article, there are a few more tips to be taken into consideration. These ideas will only give an organization or business to grow and become well-known.
  • Familiarize yourselves on first name bases. This way, your customers know that you know them personally and genuinely care.
  • After every transaction, send "Thank You" cards. This tells the customers that the business is aware of them and their needs.
  • Send out birthday cards or anniversary cards. This is sometimes unexpected and can catch them off-guard. Wonderful idea!
  • Every time a customer walks through the doors, give them the best service possible.
  • Don't avoid your customers, even if you might be at a loss or fault. Ignoring customers is the worst.
  • Encourage them to write reviews, positive or negative, on your website.
  • For positive reviews, thank them. As for negative reviews, contact customers and understand where and how you went wrong.
  • Rectify errors and make those negative reviews into a positive one.
These were some ideas that you can try to maintain and develop promising business relationship with your consumers. Apart from these events, you can also opt to send customer appreciation letters to all your consumers as a way to express your gratitude and appreciation for their business.