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Creative Ideas for your Garage Sale

Are you planning a garage sale in the near future? If yes, then perhaps the following creative ideas for your garage sale might just get you good profits. Keep reading...
BusinessZeal Staff
Call it garage sale, yard sale, attic sale, junk sale, moving sale, or by any other name, the variety of items found in these sales is simply wonderful. Who knew that one person's junk or unwanted item can become someone else's requirement. The fact is, I really love going to garage sales ever since my mom and I purchased a wooden chest from our neighbor for only US $8. It wasn't in the best of conditions, but it sure looked lovely. Of course, after that day, we always used to keep an eye for more garage and yard sales.

As far as I am concerned, I really like the idea of placing different items in a strategic manner that majority of people can find things they might like to buy. Many times, what happens is that when at a garage sale, there are tons of items lying everywhere that it can confuse people as to where they should begin looking. If you're planning on having a sale yourself, perhaps you too should keep this point in mind and properly organize the sale. This way, the sale isn't just welcoming for more people to come and explore, but you're also increasing the probability of higher sale. So, in order to have a successful sale, you should go over some of our creative ideas for the layout and organization.

Ideas for a Successful Garage Sale Every Time

While planning and organizing a yard sale, what you need to keep in mind is the actual day(s) of sale. Weekends are the perfect time to hold such sales as you can expect more people to drop by. A week or 10 days before the sale, post flyers around the neighborhood, your kids' school, and/or work so that people are aware of the sale. Plus, it's a good idea to call your family and friends to inform them about the sale as well. When you follow these garage sale tips along with the organizational and presentation ideas mentioned below, the sale is going to be a big hit.

Idea #1 - Sell Refreshments Too
A great way to attract more and more people to your sale is by selling some kind of refreshments or snacks as well. You don't need to select gourmet snacks; instead bake your famous mini chocolate chip cookies or brownies and lemonade. Charge 25 or 50 cents for the refreshments. These snacks will keep everyone entertained while they scout the items at the event.

Idea #2 - Don't Keep Anything for Later
Many times, people keep bigger or larger items to sell at a later date or time. The point is, when you have variety in your sale, you can ensure that it will appeal to majority of people. Instead of just thinking about making more money by selling larger items like carpets, vacuum cleaners, and television, you can have a large range of items at the sale. Also, organizing all these items in a strategic way that almost everyone who visits your sale will see each and every item is the key.

Idea #3 - Select an Open Area
Space crunch and a congested garage is definitely a turn off for anyone. When there is barely any space for the items to be placed, how can anyone walk around to see the different items on sale? Hence, make sure you have cleared the garage and garden area for the sale. This way, people won't get in each other's way while looking at the items.

Idea #4 - Place Smaller Items on Tables
Larger items can fend for themselves during the sale; it's the smaller items that need more work. Clothes, music CDs, movie DVDs, and other knick knacks should be placed in labeled boxes. Place them strategically around the area; as in, don't keep them close to one another. Make the people who come for the sale move around. This way, they will see more items along the way, which will help in increasing the opportunity for sale.

Follow these ideas for your garage sale and I'm sure you're going to be able to sell a lot of junk. Basically, you need to have fun at the sale, invite people in, communicate with them, and try to help them find what they came over for. Oh and one more thing... don't forget to bargain with hagglers!
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